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Know a Promotional Consultant? A what?

Have you tried to do it on your own?

Have you sourced and purchase merchandise online only to be disappointed in the quality?

Was it what you expected?


You are so not on you're own! The number of times I have heard this over the years is mind blowing.

Promotional Consultants, like Riverland Marketing & Promotions, will solve all these problems. They are there to make the whole idea of promotional merchandise easy and risk free.

You know promotional products and merchandise work and you have the budget, but which one will work best for your brand and advertising message?

Sure you can google them. But what about product quality, product safety, logistics, legal, and recall. Not everything you see online is equal in value and quality (particularly when you are purchasing offshore). It looks great in the photos, but the final product doesn't always live up to the expectation. Promotional Consultants have extensive knowledge and access to products. They are literally working with them every day. They know what’s new and trending and which products will have the largest reach and recall for your budget and target audience.

With a Promotional Consultant you get an industry expert & business partner at no additional cost! From the moment you consider promotional products until the day your products reach you or your customers hands—and beyond—your promotional consultant will be with you every step of the way.

Not only are promotional consultants product experts, they are knowledgeable marketing professionals who understand and know the most effective ways to reach your target audience. They have access to thousands of products at their finger tips and know exactly where to source those that aren't. Samples are usually no problem (so you get to try before you buy) and so the whole purchasing experience is a walk in the park.

So why go it alone???

As they say...'Nothing ventured, nothing gained'. So why not try a Promotional Consultant next time you need merchandise?

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